How Siliconlite Systems can help me in my IT & and other Business needs?

By registering your business with Siliconlite Systems you become eligible for discounted pricing on hardware, software and services offered by Siliconlite Systems. Since Siliconlite acts as an IT & Business Solutions provider you can avail various services and solutions that your business will need. In essence it saves a great deal on your day-to-day and annual business budgeting.

What kind of IT hardware Siliconlite Systems can provide?

We are authorized partners for various major IT hardware and software manufacturers. We can get almost any hardware that your business would need. We can get best deals on all hardware that ranges from basic computing to advanced hardware requirements

What kind of software Siliconlite Systems can provide?

Siliconlite Systems can get you any standard software required for computing and any other specialized software that you may require. We may not have everything in stock but with some notice we can order the software for you and get it with a great pricing.

If I want to buy just one computer for my business, can I still order through Siliconlite Systems?

Yes, even if you want only one unit, you can still order through us and still be able to get a special pricing

If I need some IT maintenance done will Siliconlite Systems be able to help?

Certainly. We have our in-house technician for any service or maintenance you may need and also can arrange to have a visit onsite should you require

What kind of businesses Siliconlite Systems can help with?

We help all types of businesses that uses computer systems for their operations. Whether your business is a one man operation or a large size corporate we offer you a very satisfactory service as our clients.

What kind of phone services Siliconlite Systems offers?

Siliconlite Systems offers phone services for residences and businesses using VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) technology that comes with great savings on prices and many convenient features.

Is Siliconlite Systems’ phone services reliable?

Yes. We use the similar technology that most other big players provide too.

How is Siliconlite Systems Internet and Phone services better than the other providers in the market?

Our phone services are essentially uses the same advanced internet technology while bringing you many money saving options. Not alone the price factor but we focus highly on our Quality of Service (QoS). We strive to bring the best with great affordability.

Does 911 work with Siliconlite Systems’ phone services?

Yes. 911 works with our phone services. Please be advised that in order for 911 to work your internet service must be uninterrupted.

What is VoIP phone service?

VOIP is an acronym for Voice Over Internet Protocol, a fairly new technology that brings phone service over the Internet. With a good Internet connection phone service can be cheaper than the prices offered by your local phone company.

What kind of internet services Siliconlite Systems offers?

We offer Residential and Business Internet Services at Siliconlite Systems Inc.

How fast is Siliconlite Systems internet services?

Our internet speed ranges from 6 Meg up to 25 Meg.

Can I save more if I sign up for an internet and phone bundle?

Yes, a bundle not only saves you money but a combined service monitoring for better quality of service. We recommend bundled services.

What kind of savings I make on internet?

Our prices are highly competitive and we try and keep our prices very low to serve small and medium businesses to benefit from. Please contact us to enquire on more discounts that we can offer as our valuable customer.

Is there any hidden charges for my home phone?

There are absolutely no hidden charges on your home phone. Our prices are upfront and our bills are easy to understand.

Do I have to pay monthly phone & internet bill?

Yes. Depending on the service you are using you will be billed monthly.

Can my small business benefit from Siliconlite Systems’ phone and internet services?

Very much. Business managers don’t spend much time on researching on money saving options available. They are too focused on their day-to-day business operations. Our phone and internet bundle can save a considerable dollar amount on annual budgets of your business.

How many lines and extensions can we get for a business service?

You can get up to 8 lines for your business. Provision of extensions depends on the PBX you already have. If you don’t have one, we can provide a PBX system that can provide as many lines as your business needs.

Can my security alarm work with the phone services provided by Siliconlite Systems?

No. In order for your security alarm to work you need to have a physical phone line. VoIP doesn’t provide alarm support unfortunately.

What is Business Process Outsourcing?

Business process outsourcing (BPO) brings in a third party solution provider like us to take care of various operations, processes that your office handles and responsibilities of your business.

How outsourcing can help my business?

There are various benefits associated with BPO but one of the major benefits of outsourcing is cost efficiency. It offers longer sustainability for a business by providing reduced overhead costs, HR costs etc. Even if it is partially done, outsourcing saves a lot in the longer run.

What kind of savings am I looking at when I outsource my business?

You may save up to 50% on costs when you outsource through Siliconlite Systems Inc.

Is my customer information secured with outsourcing?

Yes. Siliconlite Systems Inc. is a Canadian company and it truly understands the law and importance of customer confidentiality and privacy. When it comes to privacy Siliconlite Sysetms Inc takes it very seriously and exercises strict measures in protecting customer information.

Why do I have to sign up for receiving emails from Siliconlite Systems?

We respect individual human rights and do not indulge in sending unsolicited emails or communications. We also adhere to the norms outlined by the new Canada’s Anti-Spam Law. In order to receive business emails from us you have to provide exclusive consent. We request our clients and potential clients to sign up with us for receiving important information, promotional emails, updated price lists and special pricings.

Can I order without being a customer of Siliconlite Systems Inc.?

Yes. You have to prepay for your items when orders are made We accept cash, interac, Visa, Master Card, Amex and PayPal payments.

Can I pay using PayPal for my purchases?

Yes, you can pay using PayPal services ahead of time. Once a confirmation is received from PayPal your orders are made.

What is the procedure for returning computer hardware that I purchased?

Like all major resellers / wholesalers, we follow a procedure called RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization). This involves a few steps before a return is accepted. Under all circumstances physically damaged or opened boxes incomplete or not in resalable condition will not be accepted for returns.

What is the procedure for returning software?

Software Purchases are not eligible for returns.

Can Siliconlite Systems help in finding reliable refurbished computers, hardware?

Yes, we can help our customers with finding Grade A, like-new, and company refurbished used hardware in all categories. In order to get you the best quality hardware, we require some heads up period.