Siliconlite Systems Inc provides perfect IT solutions for all organizations that are looking for a professional and experienced technology partner.

IT Hardware & Software Value Added Resellers

We are a major reseller/wholesaler for all types of IT hardware & software to corporate, public sector, educational and government institutions.

Siliconlite Systems Inc. partners with highly reputed names like HP, Dell, Toshiba, Lenovo, Fujitsu, NEC, Samsung, Adobe, Microsoft, Intel, AMD,Western Digital, Seagate, APC, VMware, Symantec, Kaspersky, NVidia and many more.

We like to provide you with the best solutions & best pricing. We can supply almost everything in the field of IT and if you are interested in a pricing for any of the IT products, simply send us the brand and the manufacturers’ part #. If you already have the brand name/part #, click here to send the details to us.


IT Consulting

Not just being a reseller but we also provide IT Consulting Services. In a broader sense all types IT Solutions including the expertise which will meet your company's IT needs.

We understand the fact that every business needs to adapt to the changes happening with time and reconfigure itself with the changing technology, economy, and various other vital & inevitable reason


Whether you own a Small Business or a Blue Chip Corporation we offer solid technology solutions combined with superior IT management skills.

Siliconlite Systems brings you value based solutions for any type of practical situations that your business operates under. From providing short-term advice to becoming your long-term trusted IT consulting partner we take care of everything related to the growth of your business


IT Service Contract Packages

We also provide annual IT Service Contract Packages which can benefit you throughout the year. Should an instance occur where you need support, our team will assist you within next few hours. All you have to is to simply buy a 1-year service package from us. Under this coverage you simply have to give us a call. We will assign a technician to provide the necessary support for a pre- determined # of visits/hours.

And in a budget oriented scenario, we also can bring you great results with our outsourced-cost-effective solutions readily available. If you want to discuss your business IT needs, simply drop us a line. Click here to provide some basic details. One of our office member will be pleased to assist you soon.